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How to Build An RSS News Aggregation Portal Using WordPress

How to Build An RSS News Aggregation Portal Using WordPressThis year bloggers have been widely discussing the shocking news : Google stopped supporting RSS which in consequence has almost destroyed one of its widely used services – Google Reader. Numerous websites considered it to be the end of RSS and started looking for alternatives.

However, in contrast to Google, which have ceased investing into support of RSS format, lots of users still choose to work with it, so we all can be absolutely sure that there is still no end in sight for the use of RSS.
In the process of installation WordPress sites create RSS feeds, which might be used as a tool of converting one-time readers into subscribers. Moreover, with their help you can accumulate necessary contents from other websites and insert them into yours. Thus, being a reasonable user of RSS service, you have a possibility to create a portal which will show contents from numerous websites in your niche.

There are different ways to do it, namely:

1. Design a small list of posts that are connected to original articles and forward the reader back to them.

2. Make small summaries of the contents and put links that forward to the original site.

3. Add complete posts on your website and display them in full.

However, the last option might be considered to be a plagiarism even though your intentions are far from doing so.
Thus, if you look for a simple way of news aggregating, you might want to use WordPress plugin. Among a few ways of doing it we have chosen a free plugin from WordPress.ors plugin repository which you might know under the name WP RSS Multi Importer.

Using The WP RSS Multi Importer Plugin

So, how does it work? WP RSS Multi Importer is a plugin that helps you accumulate contents from different websites and put them to displaying on your own. This can be done in three different ways:

1. Use shortcodes to post website feeds on your page.

2. Organise feed items into blog posts (Feed to Post).

3. Display feeds separately in a sidebar pop-up.

Each of the options is useful for a particular case. For instance, while aggregating feeds you might choose to display only specific ones on your website. The shortcode presents the opportunity for lots of adjustments that can be used to create a list that lives up to all your expectations and desires.

The Feed to Post will help you to display every feed that you have chosen using the RSS feed. Moreover, here you can choose the length of the post you want to show, which might be even a full post of just a title. However, as we mentioned before, it is inadvisable to repost full contents, so try not to do so.

If you choose to use the sidebar widget, you might want to display only a small number of short feeds. Even though it is still possible to include all of them, we highly recommend to display only a few.

So, let us see the details of each option.

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