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Please Upgrade Your Browser

July 11th, 2012

Shopping. Social networking. Emailing. Reading. Finding directions. Banking. Researching. Those are some of the most common tasks people perform on the World Wide Web. You’ve probably done all of these things yourself at some point. So if you’re like many people, you probably do these things every single week (and many of them even every day). Full Article: Read More

Old Web Browsers

July 10th, 2012

Because of how far certain Web technologies like HTML5 and CSS3 have brought us, many would say that—from a Web platform perspective—the future is now. Sounds like a cliché, I know. At the very least, it feels like the future is starting to bubble up to the surface… but it’s just not quite there yet. Read More

In November last year, Microsoft revealed some of what will be new and improved in Internet Explorer 9 in the IEBlog post An Early Look At IE9 for Developers. Today, IE General Manager Dean Hachamovitch posted a follow-up: HTML5, Hardware Accelerated: First IE9 Platform Preview Available for Developers. Yes, you can now download what Microsoft calls a Platform Preview to test drive Internet Explorer 9 for yourself. There are also a number of demos to show the improved performance and standards support in IE 9. Judging by several of the demos (HTML5 T-Shirt Designer and SVG-oids are two) it looks like IE9 […] Read More

When there are many browsers available for the users to surf the internet, it becomes evident for you to check the Cross Browser Compatibility of your website. Different people use different operating systems and browsers and you cannot control their wish to surf your website on one particular browser, just because your website does not look well on it. Though among many available browsers, Mozilla and I.E are the most used browsers around the world. But still while designing a website web designers make it sure to check the browser compatibility of the website in all browsers. To rescue the web designers […] Read More

In my opinion, each xhtml coder needs software for testing web-pages for various Internet Explorer versions . If you use standard methods and install all IEs, then one cannot guarantee the quality of work of the web-pages. Here is the tester I have found for myself: IE Tester IETester is a free Web Browser that allows you to have the rendering and JavaScript engines of IE8, IE7, IE 6 and IE5.5 on Vista and XP, as well as the installed IE in the same process. But this soft has small bugs. Known problems and limitations : The Previous/Next buttons are not working […] Read More

Google Chrome has been released to the Stable channel. This is a minor bugfix release that addresses: Problems setting Google Chrome as the default browser on Windows Vista Blank entries can appear in the address bar’s list of suggestions. Adding DigiNotar and SwissSign Gold as trusted certificate authorities for extended validation (EV) SSL certifciates. Fix a problem with logging statistics. Prevent Javascript from accessing HTTP-only cookies. Add a histogram to track how Google Chrome was launched. A tab crash when dates are set past Y3000. Block reading unauthenticated bytes from the proxy when the user cancels a 407 proxy auth request. […] Read More

Everybody knows about PNG-24 problem in the Internet Explorer 6. I have found the best solution on this site This method uses Javascript to fix problem. I think it will help you. But for some reasons, sometimes this script does not work correctly on my server :( . I really don’t understand why. Read More