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For the last 6 years we used to state that emails should be not wider than 550-600px. This number was based on certain display dimensions used at that time. However, since then the average display size has drastically changed and now we are all using dimensions beyond 1024x768px. For this reason last week we asked web designers to indicate the maximum width of HTML email they are using today. Having seen the results of our poll, we found out that not many things have changed. The majority of email client preview panes can still be used only for email under 650px wide. […] Read More

Web designers often do not pay attention to how quickly CSS renders and only concentrate on the designing aspect. The rendering point is very important as speed makes a lot of difference. To help you render CSS the right way given below is the solution. How CSS is Read Firstly, you have to understand exactly how web browsers see your CSS. They read them not from left to right but right to left. Due to this the selector [ul > li a[title=”abc”] is read as a[title=”abc”]. The first part is also known as the key selector because it is what is actually selected. […] Read More

A great number of people are now using mobile devices to browse the internet. They do not like the idea of having to sit in front of a computer screen to check their favorite website. They want convenience and mobile devices offer them just that. Due to this changing scenario it is becoming difficult for webmasters and web designers to meet expectations. Mobile phones are used for several purposes including travel booking, online shopping, chatting and other such tasks. As per a report around one billion people were using mobile phones for internet access and a great number of them only had […] Read More

Whether one likes it or not, the demand for HTML 5 is ever booming in the web development industry nowadays. However cross compatibility issues are common among the web developers and they have been dealing with these issues since the era of internet Explorer 4 (IE4) and Netscape 4.With the novel specifications of HTML5 these issues have just been intensified and nothing more. Nevertheless dealing with cross browser compatibility issues is not a big deal as there are several websites which can help you in reducing these issues. It is a challenging task for people to get started with HTML5 compatible websites […] Read More

If you want sliding screens then using a plugin is the best option that you have. Doing CSS and coding manually is not only time consuming but difficult as well. To help you select the right plugin explained below are the four best ones available. Choose carefully! LayerSlider Responsive jQuery Slider Plugin (regular license: $15 – extended license: $75) This plugin is SEO friendly and works on almost every browser and is optimized for mobile devices. You have the option to select out of 170 interesting transitions (2D and 3D). Plus, the plugin also has sample sliders. It comes with amazing […] Read More

The jQuery Lightbox effect is a WOW-SOME way of displaying photos on your website. You’ve probably seen this effect countless times without realizing that it is the Lightbox effect. When viewing an image gallery, if you click on an image and it opens in a new box on top of the webpage, then you’re seeing Lightbox in action. This effect can be styled and configured to give you a custom, professional looking effect on your website’s images. JavaScript and jQuery plug-ins continue to simplify the task of presenting images and photos on the internet in a fully customizable style. Below, we showcase […] Read More

Why LESS? With CSS Style sheet language being so simple and plain makes the World go round on the web but yet it has a few restrictions and becomes difficult to manage in few scenarios. LESS is a well groomed language that eases the task of web developers by providing them the privilege of using dynamic CSS. For instance if a developer wants to make use of Dark Peach Color on any particular web page then he or she will have to use #FF9F94 code wherever he or she needs a Dark Peach Color but rather wouldn’t it be easier if they […] Read More

If people are on your website, they’re probably either skimming quickly, looking for something, or they’ve found what they’re looking for and want to read it as easily as possible. Either way, keeping text readable will help them achieve their goal. Weights and styles help our visitors to read our content, we should make sure they work! And getting weights and styles to work correctly using the @font-face declaration can be a bit crazy-making. Let’s look at two popular approaches to setting weights and styles with the @font-face declaration. I’ll show you why they are not the best solutions, and show you […] Read More

With the popularity for HTML5 Boiler Plate on the rage it is nowadays popularly known as “Rock Solid Default for HTML5”. HTML5 Boiler Plate has become the professional base for JS or HTML/CSS template for developing robust, fast or future proof website.HTML5 Boiler Plate has undergone 3 years of iterative development so that the users you can enjoy the best of the best features such as performance optimization, Cross Browser Normalization and various other additional features such as Flash & Ajax.HTM5 Boiler Plate does have any philosophy for development nor it is any framework rather it just has few tips and tricks […] Read More

Superb HTML5 and CSS3 demos

November 3rd, 2012

CSS and HTML is one probably the best bridge between web designers. You should see this examples! Advanced transitions – Animatable, One property, two values, endless possiblities Expressive Web Beta – HTML5 and CSS3 bring loads of new features and functionality to the modern web.This site is a resource and showcase of some of the newest, and most expressive features being added to the web today. HTML5 Presentation – Un nice demo of new HTML 5 properties with an interesting keyboard navigation. Scroll effects – Some silly but impressive scroll effects fully made of CSS3. CSS3 Animation Menus […] Read More

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