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Audio Slideshow with jPlayer

August 1st, 2013

If you are into web designing and things like these then you would most probably already be aware of jPlayer as it is very widely used these days. It is an open source audio framework that is used to create an audio slideshow. It is good for a number of reasons which is why it is used on such a huge scale. One of the best things about jPlayer is that it is fully customizable and skin-able using CSS and HTML. It is also free and open source that makes it very easy to use. In addition, the jPlayer has no licensing […] Read More

Web designers are trying new things to add new dimensions to their creations in order to make them more attractive. One such thing is jParallax scrolling that is a special technique where background images move slower than the scroll. This adds to the immersion and creates depth. This technique was initially heavily used in games but is now common in websites as well. jParallax shows the complete width of a layer when a mouse is moved. The right way to create layers is by using different sizes in CSS. Usually a layer’s edges are not seen unless it is smaller in comparison […] Read More

If you want sliding screens then using a plugin is the best option that you have. Doing CSS and coding manually is not only time consuming but difficult as well. To help you select the right plugin explained below are the four best ones available. Choose carefully! LayerSlider Responsive jQuery Slider Plugin (regular license: $15 – extended license: $75) This plugin is SEO friendly and works on almost every browser and is optimized for mobile devices. You have the option to select out of 170 interesting transitions (2D and 3D). Plus, the plugin also has sample sliders. It comes with amazing […] Read More

The jQuery Lightbox effect is a WOW-SOME way of displaying photos on your website. You’ve probably seen this effect countless times without realizing that it is the Lightbox effect. When viewing an image gallery, if you click on an image and it opens in a new box on top of the webpage, then you’re seeing Lightbox in action. This effect can be styled and configured to give you a custom, professional looking effect on your website’s images. JavaScript and jQuery plug-ins continue to simplify the task of presenting images and photos on the internet in a fully customizable style. Below, we showcase […] Read More

With the popularity for HTML5 Boiler Plate on the rage it is nowadays popularly known as “Rock Solid Default for HTML5”. HTML5 Boiler Plate has become the professional base for JS or HTML/CSS template for developing robust, fast or future proof website.HTML5 Boiler Plate has undergone 3 years of iterative development so that the users you can enjoy the best of the best features such as performance optimization, Cross Browser Normalization and various other additional features such as Flash & Ajax.HTM5 Boiler Plate does have any philosophy for development nor it is any framework rather it just has few tips and tricks […] Read More

Most designers would agree that navigation is one of the most critical components of a website. Despite this, it is not always easy to use or access. Traditionally, users must scroll back to the top of the website to access the navigation menu. I recently wondered whether sticky menus makes websites quicker to navigate, and I conducted a usability study to find the answer. Let’s look at the results of the study, a few implementation techniques and some related challenges. Read More

In this tutorial we will create a jQuery triple panel image slider with a 3D look. The idea is to have a main panel and two lateral panels that are rotated slightly in 3D space. When navigating, we will slide in the respective next image in each panel. We’ll be using CSS 3D Transforms with perspective and CSS Transitions. Read More

Vintage format meets modern web tech: an HTML5 audio player with realistic controls. Today we want to share an audio player with you that looks like an old school music cassette. Read More

A tutorial about how to create a swatch book like component that let's you open and rotate the single swatches revealing some details. We will be using CSS transforms and transitions and create a simple jQuery plugin. Read More

You should read this "Crazy" HTML5/CSS3 and Javascript effects list! TABLE OF CONTENTS CSS Transitions and Animations Useful and Practical CSS Techniques CSS Typography and Text Techniques CSS Navigation Menus and Hover Effects Visual Techniques With CSS Read More

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