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Code Snippets

jQuery is a function that is very easy to use. This function will help you to quickly scroll to element ID. Read More

Sometimes you face the situation when it is impossible to do without a base URL on a webpage. One of the examples that come to mind is a use of URL in AJAX requests. Read More

There are some CSS / Javascript hacks we can do to attempt making iframe videos responsive. Read More

Simple Javascript class to detect mobile devices Read More

Let's build Wordpress OptionTree settings and show html content for the slider. Read More

Easy way to add CSS class names of the browser and OS and use in your style sheets. Read More

If you want to limit text and do not cut html use this function. Read More

Use this function to close HTML tags with PHP. Read More

Useful HTML META tags for your website. Read More

This function lets you trim a string to a specified length, either by character length, or by keeping whole words intact. Read More

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