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Why negative is not always negative in web design?

Why negative is not always negative in web designWhile receiving new information on design, both in the process of self- or institutionally organised education, some pieces are firmly kept in our minds whereas the others definitely fade away. This article is devoted to the latter and will teach you what is negative space in web design.

So what is negative space?

For those who either forgot or does not know, let us get back to basics. There exist two types of space design: positive and negative. All the elements of your site such as content, navigation, images etc. form so-called positive space. Alternatively, negative space or whitespace is a general name for every part of site not used for positive space elements. Thus, negative space is what is left between and around the site content. Its function is to separate the different elements, set up the layout and define the way users interact with parts of the positive space.

Negative space can be generally devided into two categories: micro and macro. Negative micro space is everything between the smallest objects of the site, for example, spaces between paragraphs, lines and even spaces between words and letters. Negative macro space is what separates larger objects and core elements, for example below headers or above footers.

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