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We’ve created five FREE high-quality website graphic files for you to enjoy. This matched set can either be used just as you see them, or you can open the included layered Photoshop files and edit them to suit your own color palette and fonts. In need of a specific type of image file? Leave a note in our comments. The top requested file types will be created for our next Freebie post. 1. Clean, Colorful Buttons. Two crisp and clear styles that easily prompt your users. Download 2. Slick Progress Bars. Four unique styles to let users know where they are. Download […] Read More

A dashboard or an admin panel is the visual interface for the data on your website. It is where the user interacts with your site. Designing a proper dashboard is not a walk in the park. It is made difficult by the fact that you have to deal with large amounts of dynamic data. A dashboard requires a high level of interaction and therefore it may take a longer time to design. The main reason why the admin panel is sometimes neglected is because a lot of emphasis is placed on developing the app itself. A great dashboard needs the following: A […] Read More

As 2013 is in its full bloom, flat design is a term that has conquered the world of web with its supreme hype. Regarded as the future of user interface, the trend has already overcome the flashy illustrations and faux-realistic textures with its striking typography and crisp colors. But as the excitement is relatively new, some might wonder what it’s all about? Considering the fact, let’s take an inside look at these pioneering designs. The Question: What is Flat Web Design? Simple yet fascinating is perhaps the right phrase for this groundbreaking interface. Flat design is basically a style which supports minimalism […] Read More

The world of web designing is changing with new techniques and designs including type effects. You should use type effects in moderation. Type effects include italics, bolding, underlines, strokes and tilting. The way you use them can make or break the typography of your website. Bold and Italics They are the most common type effects. Most computer software allows users to bold and italicize text. These options are also available in the HTML framework. In HTML, “strong” or ‘B” is for bolding while EM or I is for italics. Bold and italics should not be overused. They ought to be used sparingly. […] Read More

Crafting Balance in Web Design

August 18th, 2013

In the world where even the dogs and cats have revealed their own personalized websites; the Web seems to be even more corrugated with every passing second. With more websites being added as we proceed with this article; it is becoming much tougher for good designers to get noticed. However, not everyone seems to know the art of web designing and what it takes to create a sublime balance in Web Design. Here the creative sense usually plays its role accompanied by the science itself. A design that invites and encourages people to wander around usually sets the tone for the website […] Read More

Audio Slideshow with jPlayer

August 1st, 2013

If you are into web designing and things like these then you would most probably already be aware of jPlayer as it is very widely used these days. It is an open source audio framework that is used to create an audio slideshow. It is good for a number of reasons which is why it is used on such a huge scale. One of the best things about jPlayer is that it is fully customizable and skin-able using CSS and HTML. It is also free and open source that makes it very easy to use. In addition, the jPlayer has no licensing […] Read More

Web designers often do not pay attention to how quickly CSS renders and only concentrate on the designing aspect. The rendering point is very important as speed makes a lot of difference. To help you render CSS the right way given below is the solution. How CSS is Read Firstly, you have to understand exactly how web browsers see your CSS. They read them not from left to right but right to left. Due to this the selector [ul > li a[title=”abc”] is read as a[title=”abc”]. The first part is also known as the key selector because it is what is actually selected. […] Read More

Web designers are trying new things to add new dimensions to their creations in order to make them more attractive. One such thing is jParallax scrolling that is a special technique where background images move slower than the scroll. This adds to the immersion and creates depth. This technique was initially heavily used in games but is now common in websites as well. jParallax shows the complete width of a layer when a mouse is moved. The right way to create layers is by using different sizes in CSS. Usually a layer’s edges are not seen unless it is smaller in comparison […] Read More

A great number of people are now using mobile devices to browse the internet. They do not like the idea of having to sit in front of a computer screen to check their favorite website. They want convenience and mobile devices offer them just that. Due to this changing scenario it is becoming difficult for webmasters and web designers to meet expectations. Mobile phones are used for several purposes including travel booking, online shopping, chatting and other such tasks. As per a report around one billion people were using mobile phones for internet access and a great number of them only had […] Read More

Whether one likes it or not, the demand for HTML 5 is ever booming in the web development industry nowadays. However cross compatibility issues are common among the web developers and they have been dealing with these issues since the era of internet Explorer 4 (IE4) and Netscape 4.With the novel specifications of HTML5 these issues have just been intensified and nothing more. Nevertheless dealing with cross browser compatibility issues is not a big deal as there are several websites which can help you in reducing these issues. It is a challenging task for people to get started with HTML5 compatible websites […] Read More

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