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The Themeshare WordPress Theme Tutorial: New Edition


We have received much positive feedback on a tutorial “How To create a WordPress Theme: The Ultimate WordPress Theme Tutorial” by Ian Stewart. Now we are glad to announce a second edition of the tutorial that you all have appreciated so much. Similarly to the first version, you will receive a new lesson every day. In order to find out what is added to the new addition, have a look at the points below.

The Themeshare WordPress Theme Tutorial: New Edition


In this new edition all the topics are divided into 16 individual lessons. They will teach you how to create a state-of-the-art WordPress Theme from the very beginning. As we move on you will see that the tutorial is built in a certain way. Little by little I will teach you WordPress techniques, give you my personal opinion on them and explain why I have opted for this way of tutorial organisation and not the other. In the end, I hope, you will have learnt everything you need to build a WordPress Theme.

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