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Why we love WordPress

Where To Use WordPress

WordPress was originally created as a blogging platform. In recent years, it has evolved into a powerful content management system with nearly limitless abilities through the use of plugins, widgets and themes. The only limit is your imagination (and your tech chops).

What do you need for WordPress?

The minimum requirements for WordPress 3.1 are PHP 4.3 and MySQL 4.1.2.

WordPress Features

  • Easy of Use
  • Vast Online Community
  • Countless Themes & Frameworks
  • Easy Installation and Upgrades
  • Great for Blogs, CMS and eCommerce
  • Large List of Wonderful Plugins
  • a Free, Open Source License
  • Full User Registration

WordPress Inspiration

Still not convinced of the power and capability of WordPress? Here are some top businesses who’ve trusted WordPress to run their websites:

Ebay –
Sony –
Ford –

Why we love WordPress

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